I was confused and abused mistreated disrespected and used, I died to live ’to tell my story so you could live too. One day I saw a rainbow and ran all the way to the end that’s when I gain my strength guidance, faith, and Determination to inhale and exhale, I smell the fresh air that’s when it began to rain, but the rain was my tears of victory I survived so yes I’m a Survivor don’t shake my hand to meet a friend instead thank me. Trying to cope with it all living for somebody else I was really not myself. Not understanding control ’how one person could take over your mind and leave negative thoughts what lies they don’t tell you. Releasing toxic and the soul will awake depending on self control. The taste so pure and sweet oh I love the sound of nothing just a scent of fresh air. Looking in the mirror is it darkness from pain or light from change, look into my eyes do my scars scare you not try to I hope this wake you as it did me the taste of my own blood dripping now my face, yes I survived.